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History of foundation Apple company

Apple companyThe company which one all about ten years ago was near death literally, being content with scanty sales and lost heads, 2DAY again effectively quits on the main scene. Having appeared in elite club of hundred leading American companies, whose shares are included in index S&P 100, Apple confidently reserves image of the character of an innovative epoch.


Apple strategy

Apple strategyFrom the moment of occurrence of the computer using a graphic interface and the mouse, Apple differed ability in the yields to achieve a favourable speed key of the off-the-shelf technologies, cool design and ease and ease of application. Such combination as practice has displayed, has played a key role in success of a player iPod.


Moon Cycles Effect on the Stock Market

moonSomebody didn't pay attention that the new moon appeared recently. But the stock market attaches big importance to this event. Twenty five international stock exchanges were reviewed and the inference was that daily returns in countries of G7 together (as well as in every separate country of G7) were several times higher at new moons than at full moons.


Ofcom takes serious actions in BSKYB probe

BSKYB, logoOfcom keeps on probing BSkyB in order to figure out whether it is a real broadcasting license owner. Media regulating investigations has deepened into whether News Corporation has a real majority of shareholders of the broadcaster. In order to accomplish it, subsidiary News Group Newspapers were asked to prepare documents on the lawsuits concerning this issue and related to phone hacking.


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