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The computer network as a necessity for business

lan, computersOver the last 30 years the computer network has greatly advanced in different areas, not only in the infrastructure for using email and surfing the Internet. Using Internet possibilities these days helps to save millions by enlarging user productivity and decreasing operational costs. There is a list of some applications used by businesses through network.

Business owners rely on email options more and more. Email application is a great way to expand list of clients. Precedently people utilized the postal service and phones for business affairs, but presently email is number one among the communication tools.

Database services became accessable over the Internet, and this fact has proved its power already. A great number of companies use bespoken solutions in order to self-organize. Most tasks are driven by the accessable SQL, which is still considered the most robust solution.

Network attached printing services related to local area networks (LAN), for example laserjets, are necessary for offices. Customers still need to be invoiced and organizers still write letters.

Network storage has more benefits than the local storage or paper-based filling system. It gives you the possibility to sort information and to interpret faster. The storage solutions accessibility is so high nowadays, that you shouldn't worry about the drive failing. Such an option as RAID guarantees the security of your data.

Talking of security, the surveillance systems should be mentioned. They are connected to the network and back to the network storage. Present day surveillance cameras work perfectly in low-lighted apartments as well.

A great number of businesses still use mainstream telephone carriers although it is very expensive. Placing calls over the network is the opportunity given by modern technologies. In the age of online trading video calls are becoming more popular and wanted.

The monitoring option is provided by the special programs that allow your supervisor control you. Your boss is able to see what you are doing any moment.

As we see, there are a lot of business applications improving working process.