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facebook logoThere are a lot of features in Facebook and not all of them are liked by the users. Some features which were introduced gained widespread criticism soon after which, they were taken back by the company. But there are many features that are celebrated by the users. Here is a collection of some of the best features that were used by the people in the previous years. With this, you can also see what's in stock for you, and once you start use those features, you will like it. One important feature that Facebook launched in the previous years was the Family safety center, which was aimed at avoiding the bullying.

The anti bullying tools were made mandatory for all the applications and the standards were based on National Bullying Prevention committee. The feature enables users to work safer. One other feature that caught the attention of all the users was the launch of Facebook Firefox integration feature. It enables the users to chat with their friends and family without logging into Facebook. You can chat from the browser and thus be connected always. The integration also updates users with any notifications, messages etc. This feature claimed widespread applause from the masses.

Editing comments is another feature that users like but not completely. They like the feature as it enables them to edit their comments if they decide that it needs certain amendments. Before the feature was introduced, they need to delete the entire comment even if they have made a silly spelling mistake. Now, they need not delete the comment, instead edit them. But the only drawback of this feature is that, all people who can see your comment can also see the previous one too, that was written before making the change. This annoys many but Facebook has no answer for this.

Facebook chat and messages didn't have the option to use emoticons which were usually called as smiley. They are one of the best ways to express your feelings without words. It was used in many other platforms of chat and Facebook has now introduced the same in all its comments, messages and chats. This really spices up your experience of connecting with your friends and family. There are many more features which have made the experience of using Facebook, a cooler one.