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Tracker to Monitor Remote Employees Activity

lan, computersThe team working on VEProf developed a series of features to assist managers in keeping track of the work tasks of project implementers. The following are included in the list:

  • a study of the apps and websites that were accessed;
  • monitoring the activity of files;
  • emailed both receiving and sending parties;
  • USB devices that are connected to the PC;
  • "controlling the computer from a remote location;"
  • monitoring the timetable and assigning priorities to the various tasks;
  • screenshots that capture screenshots at random or on demand;
  • Recording of mouse clicks to study the behavior of users and others. 

In addition, the client tasked us with providing technical assistance and developing further upgrades. In order to provide the information technology product with all the essential features, we are currently revising it and keeping an eye on emerging trends.

VEProf is responsible for the development of a variety of different systems, one example of which is a productivity tracker.

The development of a productivity tracking system: challenges and solutions

Compliance with the needs of several operating systems, including compatibility with various versions of Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Development for many platforms using a single code repository is called "cross-platform development." Especial expertise was shown in Accessibility macOS framework and custom macOS software development technique provided by the team.

Functionality that can't be found anywhere else, even in browsers and ElectronJS.

Personalized ElectronJS modules offer low-level API access to monitor the activity of files, USB device connections, printing operations, and email headlines. The most challenged part is a custom macOS software development task which requires special expertise in Swift, C++, Objective-C and Electron node modules itself.

Adaptability to the requirements of business settings.

Integration with various business technologies (HR, analytics, management, planning, collaboration, etc.).

Adaptation for various use circumstances, such as monitoring staff working from home or independent contractors.

Depending on the sort of team and the tasks they are responsible for, various function sets will be used to monitor the teams.

Challenges to one's privacy.

Access is granted depending on the authority of the experts, and there are certain restrictions on access privileges.
Read the whole rundown of the project on website to find out what kind of outcomes the customer experienced once the product was put into production.