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US Army Launches SharePoint Portal Server and Windows Server

SharePoint Portal ServerThe US Army's Training and Doctrine (TRADOC) command provides training to service personnel entering the field, and coordinates the implementation of best practices across multiple Army commands. TRADOC needed a way to synchronize work products that require review and input from individuals in places ranging from Hawaii to Pennsylvania. Sharepoint provides every TRADOC unit a place for its members to store documents, work on changes in their own time zone, and provide notification to the next individual in a process that the document is ready for review. In addition, a large archive of historical information has been extracted from an isolated computer at one location and made searchable by all members of the organization.

Sharepoint Portal Server enhances the ability of Army personnel to communicate and collaborate, with features that include:

Store files in a secure website available anywhere you have access to the internet.

Collaborate on documents over time and distance, reducing the need for travel and meetings.

Search for and find documents generated anywhere in the organization.

More information on Sharepoint Portal Server is available here.

Council for Excellence in Government Expands SharePoint Portal Server and Windows Server