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YAHOO's sins are getting bigger

yahoo, logoThe world community has been shocked after the recent announcement about major passwords leak on the Web. According to the international news agency Reuters, more than 400,000 Yahoo users' names and passwords were illegitimately cracked. That violent action has put under the risk not only Yahoo but some other companies like Google Inc, AOL Inc and Microsoft Corp.

Users were asked to change passwords for such sites as AOL, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail and Live.com developed by the three previously mentioned companies. Yahoo made an official statement with some apologizing and the temporary CEO Ross Levinsohn expressed the optimistic opinion about Yahoo's latest advance. Nevertheless a lot of security experts are blaming the company for not encoding the users' passwords the right way.

The hackers got more than 400,000 users' passwords in a term of only one day and that shows that Yahoo didn't encrypt the data thoroughly, says the associate professor of criminal justice at Drexel University Rob D'Ovidio. The official explanation got by the Yahoo's spokeswoman Dana Lengkeek says that the breach happened because of the 'old file' which was stolen from Yahoo Contributor Network. Now the company is doing its best to work out all the problems changing the clients' passwords and also informing other endangered sites.

Yahoo breached actual passwords for 1,699 accounts, according to the AOL information. Google and Microsoft declined to give any official comments on the question. The most popular passwords among those stolen were 'password', 'ninja', '123456', 'welcome', according to the software maker ESET's analyst.