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Digital NewspaperMany modern organizations, which are publishing newspapers, in most of the cases also have an online version of their newspaper. Newspapers have to decide whether to publish the same information in both printed and online versions, or to place different articles if compared one to another.

Information in online newspapers may be provided for a subscription fee or without it (free). Recently some printed newspapers have taken a decision to publish their newspapers online only. Like in Netherlands, when the freesheet DAG has comr instead of its printed version. Or the US The Capital Times newspaper – it decided to continue publishing online only.

Latest example comes from Australia: the Australia Times was the first Australian newspaper, which published a digital edition of their newspaper. Readers could access it through company’s Australia Times Reader software.

In our information technologies age some newspapers issue digital versions of the printed editions, commonly used format for this purpose is pdf.

Creating special software to read the online newspaper version is very original, but the other way is to experiment with new layouts on the websites, where the news is provided. Look at The New York Times – they tried to fit maximum nubmer of articles on the screen, through using the layout, which resembles a full regular newspaper sheet.

Please check information about Online newspaper to learn more about online only newspapers.



This project is a part of the Newspaper Program, which was a huge and demanding project to store published newspaper collections. Initiators of earlier similar projects have proven that intellectual base, which newspapers contain, serves as an important tool for researchers, because it represents the first official draft of history.

Every newspaper is also believed to grant a unique access to the community level viewpoints, varying geographically. First attempts to make 'first draft' were back in 1800s – everything has been recorded in poor quality newsprint, which was decaying very fast. The purpose of this project is to continue newspapers preservation, together with tackling the inadequacies of the past program.

We can be almost 100% sure that through digitization all images will be copied with a proper fidelity and all records will be fully searchable. Last issue is a serious one, because newspapers are usually not the greatest source for research due to the text density and non-proper cataloging of the content.


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